Jason Keath | Social Fresh Instagram Takeover Recap

Jun 10, 2020

Recap by: SMCLT Board

Jason Keath, the founder of Social Fresh, did an Instagram Takeover for us on Monday, April 27 to share his insights and expertise about how best to pivot your social media strategy during these uncertain times and give general social media advice. Social Fresh is focused on

You may already recognize Jason’s name as the founder of Social Media Charlotte. Below you will his takeover.

Jason’s top social media skills (main focus):

  • • Creativity: focusing on the design and art [started as a creative director at any agency] and dynamic contact and content that engages
  • • Strategy: top or bottom of the funnel, awareness, creating better content, better engagement, building a better community, tailor to business


What your top social media platform?

Twitter. Social Fresh really came out of TwitterUps in Charlotte and then the community that formed around them. The platform has changed, but Twitter is coming back to the community mindset and is thriving in a completely different way then the platform existed 10+ years ago. This is where we (Social Fresh) have the largest community and the largest global reach as a business.

Jason’s favorite social accounts to follow:

R/GA on Twitter - NYC agency - been doing it for a long time
Chime on Instagram - a digital bank
TSA on Instagram

Should your business be on TikTok?

  1. Like Social Fresh has done, your business should grab your handle
  2. If you are not prepared to add/put a lot of content on TikTok on a regular basis- that is what is working there. Yes, you need to be creative and understand what works but you need volume. This may take a dedicated person, someone that understands internet culture and is a creator.
  3. At a minimum, you should be on there to experiment and understand trends and creativity.

How often should you be posting on each channel?

Consider doing an audit for your business to see what works per industry.

Generally speaking (at a minimum):

• Facebook: treat each post as a campaign because it is hard to break through all the noise
• Twitter: at least, daily
• Instagram: 3 times a week
• LinkedIn: 1 - 2 per week; posts stick around on much longer on this platform

Are Facebook Groups worth it?

Facebook Groups are a great tool but it’s a community and you need a community manager. Using Facebook Groups can be a great organizational tool.

Examples of business that do it well:

The Skimm
• Shine (health and wellness app)

How do you gain more followers (specifically on Twitter and Instagram)?

This is one of the biggest challenges most brands have.

Two methods that work well:

  1. Events (works well on Twitter and starting to on Instagram): Trending topics, getting involved in discussions, and the communities that come up around them.
  2. Contest: Make sure you have to follow the account in your contest rules. The contest will need to be tailored to the audience you want to drive followers from.

What content trends are still working and that people are interested in during this time (advent COVID-19)?

  1. At home content: cooking at home, schooling, activities, coloring books, puzzles - what is relevant to your brand in this arena
    Ex - DoubleTree at Hilton releasing recipe for their famous cookies
  2. Doesn’t recommend going dark: There may be in an industry that is shut down and going back to the core of your product and doing that online. People need to hear from your business to maintain awareness when things do open back up. You don’t have to post as much but try to stay relevant.
  3. Pause or reschedule campaigns that were scheduled before Coronavirus affected us. Almost all campaigns need a new lens or eye. Need to consider the worse news of the CoronaVirus is just above or below your post and does your business look out of touch.
  4. What is working? Helping people, providing entertainment, being a trusted source of information, being there as an escape - music, cooking, activities.

Learn more about Social Fresh here!

Thank you!

A big thank you to Jason Keath of Social Fresh for sharing his insights about knowledge with us! We are grateful to you for continuing to support SMCLT.

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