The Importance of Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy: Event Recap

Feb 24, 2019

Social Media Charlotte hit the ground running with its annual kick-off event at Hygge at Camp North End. Our panel moderator, Jake Fehling, Vice President of Marketing at Movement Mortgage, and three of Charlotte’s leading marketing executives started their day with us to discuss how they incorporate social media into their marketing strategy to stand out. While each panelist had varying strategies and tactics when it came to social media, there was an overarching theme to their conversation: creativity is key. Let’s dive into the event!

Who were the event panelists?

Paul Branecky -- Vice President of Marketing and Communication for the Charlotte Checkers, Paul gave us a glimpse into his day in the sports industry. The best part? No day looks the same for Branecky and his marketing team.

Debra Smul -- As Chief Marketing Officer of Discovery Place, Debra plays an integral role in Discovery Place’s social media strategy. Serving approximately 800,000 visitors a year, her team’s goal is to keep content interesting and to educate the public on Discovery Place’s mission.

Blair Primis -- Senior Vice President of Marketing & Talent at OrthoCarolina, Blair works with his team to keep things interesting on social media by pushing the limit - but never crossing the line. OrthoCarolina’s social media strategy consists of lifestyle content to get in front of individuals before they ever need OrthoCarolina’s services.

What were the event’s key takeaways?

While all businesses have unique social media goals, one thing was quite evident at this event. We’re all executing unique social media strategies, but are seeking the same thing: results.

When asked what attributes our panelists looked for in a potential employee, their answers were the same: creativity. You can teach skills, but can’t teach someone how to be creative - and execution is critical, especially as it relates to writing skill.

Throughout our conversation, panelists shared case studies of game-changers for their social media: Blair’s found great success through live-streamed surgeries on Facebook (with the patient’s permission, of course!), while Paul gave a sneak peek into upcoming content: one will feature a player in a deer mask, while another will focus on a player getting ‘arrested’ by the Charlotte Police Department. We’re still curious about this one! Debra shared some meaningful insight regarding real-time social media opportunities - let’s just say a seahorse having 1,000 babies will throw your content plan for a loop. Thankfully, Debra’s team used creativity to extend this content’s shelf life on their channels.

Needless to say, Social Media Charlotte’s kick-off event got our audience thinking about how they can utilize social media to be more effective marketers. With nearly 3.4 billion social media users worldwide, our panelists’ conversation made it apparent that, more than ever before, it’s crucial to take a unique approach to your social media strategy. Some final learnings:

  • Paul: Paid FB ads are a must!
  • Debra: Always research your options - for Discovery Place, social ads were a better option than agency or PPC.
  • Blair: Don’t underestimate LinkedIn Ads!

Thank you to all who attended, our panelists for sharing their experience, Dunkin' Donuts/Pivot PR for fueling us with coffee and pastries and to Hygge for providing the space!