Facebook Ads with Rich Tucker

Jul 23, 2018

We were thrilled to welcome back Rich Tucker of Eventys Partners for the second year in a row to speak on Facebook Ads. Rich is the Director of Paid Media and oversees all paid media strategy and execution for Eventy’s crowdfunding clients.

Eventys will get a product market ready for Kickstarter and has launched over 600 campaigns making a profit of $150 million with 30% coming directly from Facebook Ads. His biggest question that clients and marketing teams have - how can we prove ROI on social media and get executives excited?

So much has changed in the age of social media but one thing has remained: Facebook is the most profitable ad platform. Facebook has been tracking its users for up to 10 years and over time it has learned who your audience is and the best way to get them to convert into customers.

Facebook ads can be a confusing landmine of campaign objectives, ad sets and formats but thanks to Rich we have a few tips that can help new marketers and veterans get the most out of their social media budget.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

By using Facebook Lead Generation Ads you do not need a web page as a call to action on your ad. When a consumer clicks on your ad it will pop up in their Facebook newsfeed. This is a great strategy to collect new email addresses and likes. Ex.) Sign up and get 10% off

Automation is the key to effectiveness of Facebook Lead Generation Ads. The first thing you want to do is get your leads a welcome email as soon as possible. Facebook has now built integration into your CRM.

Facebook → Publishing Tools → Lead setup → put in Mailchimp or CRM and go through the process to set up automation

Facebook Audiences

Choosing an audience is one of the most important aspects of your Facebook campaign. Facebook gives you the option to choose many different kinds of audiences to truly target who you want to reach.

Facebook Custom Audience Options:

  • Customer Lists (Emails)
  • Website Visitors
  • Facebook Page Engagers
  • Facebook Video Views
  • Look-a-like audiences

These custom audiences can be found after you pick your objective and names for your ad campaign, ad set and ad.

Custom audiences tend to convert more than just interest based targeting, or when Facebook allows you to target based on things like “likes reading”, etc.

  • Segmented Customer Lists convert 6x better than interest based targeting
  • Full Customer Lists convert 4x better than interest based targeting
  • Look-a-like buyers convert 2x better than interest based targeting

Remember, regardless of your traffic source, a majority of your success is dependent on landing pages that convert.

Campaigns that Convert

They have one (or all) of these things

  • Social proof (numbers that show success of campaigns visible for clients)
  • Built in sense of urgency
  • Mobile friendly ads and mobile friendly app
  • Clear call to actions button
  • Video that tells the product story

Ad Engagement

Facebook Ads with more likes, comments and shares convert at a much higher rate than ones that don’t have engagement. How can you create an Ad that has engagement? Follow these steps:

  1. Use $20 a day as your budget and set your campaign objective as “engagement”. After your post gets engagement, use that post for new campaigns and ad sets with the goal of traffic or conversions
  2. After 48 hours go to the ad in Ad Manager and click on it
  3. Get the number at the end of the URL. This is the post ID number
  4. Create new traffic or conversion goal campaign in Ads Manager
  5. Use post ID that you just copied (the same Ad that you posted for engagement) and put in a URL tracking parameter (URL Tracking code) and you can use this one post for multiple ad sets.
Facebook Campaign Objectives

Earlier we mentioned that your audience is one of the most important aspects of a successful Facebook campaign. However, your objective will make or break your brand. If you don’t know what the goal of your ad should be, then your audience won’t know how to connect with your brand.

Traffic Objective Campaigns

  • Facebook Ad Placement
    • Facebook newsfeed only (mobile and desktop)
  • Monitor Desktop vs Mobile Conversion
    • After a few days if desktop has a better conversion then switch to desktop only
  • Ideal Audience Size
    • Ad sets targeting audiences between 500k-750k have been best performing

Conversion Optimization Campaigns

  • Conversion Optimization Outperform Traffic by 80%
    • You’ll need a Facebook pixel and conversion events setup through Ads Manager
    • Rich always tests a traffic campaign and a conversion campaign to see which performs better
  • Facebook Ad Placement
    • You can choose to use the all placements feature which is on the newsfeed, mobile, instagram, etc.
  • Ideal audience size
    • Targeting audiences over 1.5 Million usually perform better on conversion optimization

How to Create Ads that get Clicks

Now that you know the different types of Ads you can create and why you should create them, how do you make sure your Ads are successful?

1) Create relevant content to your target audience.

Think of who you’re trying to reach and create content for that group. Want to target your Members? Create a campaign that specifically talks about an event only they can attend or the benefits they get from your membership.

2) Use an image that will get clicks

These will be your red, orange and green images that follow Facebook’s image guidelines. These are 1200 x 628 pixels.

3) Play around with motion pictures.

These are photos where only a part of the photo is moving, like the clouds or trees.

Video Ads

Video ads will always be a tried and true success in the Facebook Ads world.

  • Create 30 second to 1 minute videos (square and horizontal are best)
  • Create videos with similar format that do well organically in your newsfeed
  • Create custom audiences for video views (this will make your objective video views and will get more engagement)
  • Put a clear call to action at the end of your video
  • Post the video organically and turn that into an ad
  • Test video ads with the goal of video views and traffic

In the end, you will learn the best Ads for your business and your campaigns. The best piece of advice we can give you? Test, test, test! Facebook Ads Manager can be an overwhelming place but one that can lead your business to lots of engagement and ROI.