Being a member of SMCLT will not only help you in your personal development as a digital marketer, but it will also provide you with opportunities to meet others in the Charlotte community with the same professional interests.

As a member, you receive:

Advanced notice and discounted ticket prices to:

  • 10+ Round Tables/Workshops and/or Panel Discussions

Advanced notice and free admission to:

  • 3+ Member-Only Events
  • Occasional Networking/Socials

Types of events:

  • Round Tables and Workshops are designed to provide a space for a small group to sit down with a social media marketing leader speaking on a specific topic. The goal is to provide you with takeaways that you can use at the office.
  • Panel Discussions involve an exchange of ideas giving both our experts and audience members a chance to chat about specific industry-related topics, often featuring a moderator or structured similar to a “TedX” event.
  • Member-Only Events are only available to SMCLT members and provide an opportunity for informal discussion. These events may include a case study, “skillpop” class or book of the month club. Free to members.
  • Networking and Socials bring the social media and marketing community together so you can connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate and build connections in your industry. Occasionally, these include a featured speaker. Free to members.

Other perks:

  • Member-Only Newsletter - Our quarterly+ email, The SMCLT Scoop, empowers you with social media best practices, industry-related job postings and other takeaways to strengthen your social media expertise.
  • Instagram Takeovers - Apply to take over the @SMCLT Instagram account to promote your business or event. Only available to SMCLT members and industry leaders!
  • Guest Blogs - Submit a request to publish your industry related blog on our website (attributing you as the author). We will then post it on our social media channels. Only available to SMCLT members and industry leaders!
  • Access to SMCLT Education Page - Your SMCLT website login & password provides access to presentations from past round tables, event recaps and social media marketing resources and templates.

Event Pricing

  • Round Tables/Workshops: $35 for Non Members, $20 for Members
  • Panel discussions: $30 for Non Members, $15 for Members
  • Member-only events: FREE
  • Networking and social events: FREE

Annual Pricing:

$50 = 1 member

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